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Why do some people quickly find a mate for themselves, while others, on the contrary, try for a very long time but fail? The answer is simple—the wrong place or strategy of action. In this article, we will tell you how to act to find a couple.

How to start dating on dating apps: the first step 

Online dating sites are the safest, most effective, and most popular way to date. 48% of Americans aged 18-29 have used dating sites at least once to find a match. Most dating site users note that finding the right person on the site is not difficult. We have selected for you the best dating sites that offer everything needed for a positive dating experience. 

Best Dating Apps In 2024

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Choosing the best dating site is essential for effective online dating, but the action strategy is not less important. We provide you with a short instruction that works for all different dating goals.

How to start online dating life: Short instruction

  • Take good photos. We don’t always evaluate the attractiveness of photos the same way the other people do. So choose some of the best pictures in your opinion and ask a friend if they are really good. Don’t forget to include at least one portrait and one full-length photo. Perfect photos show your appearance and describe your personality: hobbies and work.
  • Choose 3-5 dating sites. One site may not bring the needed results, but the other could be very successful. Don’t stop at one platform
  • Define the criteria of your perfect match. Think about physical parameters, mental characteristics, and what sensations you would like to experience next to a partner. Maybe you want to learn something new with or about that person constantly. Perhaps passionate sex or home comfort is important to you? Only you know the answers to these questions.
  • Start dialogues with potential partners; don’t wait. It’s nice if you can take the initiative. The more you write messages and letters, the faster you find the right person.

Where to date offline

Offline dating is nearly the same common as online, but for many, it is still the only way to have a casual date. We have compiled a list of the best places to meet romantic partners for you.

  1. Bars. Choose simple bars with a friendly atmosphere.
  2. Training classes. Think about what kind of person you want to meet and choose the classes you are really interested in to spend time with pleasure, regardless of your dating results.
  3. Social groups. You can easily find announcements about all sorts of events on Facebook, other social networks, and city websites. Just visit them and don’t be shy to approach people.
  4. Walking in the park with a dog (or without). A pet can give an excellent opportunity to start a conversation without the slightest tension.
  5. Concerts and theaters. Art relaxes people and makes them more sensitive and open. You can make acquaintances and please yourself with new feelings there.

We recommend combining online and offline dating to make your search more exciting and emotional.

List of tips for dating someone new from a relationship coach

  1. Think about what you need right now. Do you need a relationship? Have you finally decided to start relationships? Or maybe you want to find a best friend? What relationship would you like to develop? Not the one your mom wants for you, not your friend or neighbor is dreaming about. How do you see your first date? How often do you want to have physical contact? Imagine different scenarios and see how your body reacts. Psychotherapists say that our body knows more than us.
  2. Think about your partner’s desires. Your needs are critical, but a partner cannot cover all our needs. We often develop the vision of an ideal relationship in childhood and carry it with us to adulthood. But the other person also has his idea in his head, which does not always coincide with ours. Don’t make a tragedy if something goes wrong. If your basic needs are covered, then it’s an excellent place to start.
  3. Be open. So many people make the same mistake—they don’t know how to talk. It will take your relationship to a higher level if you can calmly talk about what you like and don’t like. Honest conversation is always a good decision for all problems. Accept your desires, but also accept the needs of your beloved. It is one of the main secrets of a healthy relationship.
  4. Don’t remember your past relationships. No one likes when a third person is involved in a relationship. It is also common when a person compares his current partner with the previous relationship. It is a failed undertaking because each person is unique. It is the path to the past and depression. And a reason to ask yourself if you are ready for a new relationship.
  5. Make yourself the center of your life. When we start a relationship, we often pay too much attention to our love object. It makes us nervous, forces things, and makes us follow our partners’ actions on social networks. The result of such a relationship is usually a fast ending. If you make yourself the center of your life, you will never dissolve into another person. Think and fulfill your desires outside of relationships, and then you will not have time for “wrong emotions”.
  6. Don’t play games. It’s the main relationship advice for everyone. The best relationships are honest and sincere. Don’t try to imagine yourself as someone you are not. We always want to appear the best, but we can be weak and vulnerable sometimes. Don’t hide your flaws. Every person has them, and it is them that make us authentic.

How to know if you should date someone

We advise you to be selective in your acquaintances to avoid disappointment and burnout in dating. You will find 5 main markers that you can develop a relationship with a new person. 

  1. Your dating goals are similar. No matter how strong the attraction you feel, if your dating goals do not match, it will not work. Perhaps the very first dialogue is not the best time to ask such questions, but after a couple of days, you can find out the goal, and that’s ok.
  2. You have something in common that unites you. These can include common character traits, work, hobbies, and political views. It always will help you to build a good conversation.
  3. You have something different that attracts you. Commonality provides topics for conversation, understanding, and a comfortable stay together. Meanwhile, dissimilarity increases interest, attraction, and intrigue.
  4. A person listens to you and chooses the place you’d like. When choosing the place and time of the meeting, they take into account your interests. If a person at the very beginning of a partnership shows stubbornness and ego when it comes to small things, what will happen next?
  5. You don’t notice anything suspicious. Your future partner is a friendly, open, and interested person, and your relationship evokes only positive emotions in you.

Here are 5 important markers that show if your new connection will work or not, but you can also create your checklist. The skill of self-understanding always helps to develop healthy relationships.

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To sum up

In this article, we described where, how, and when to start dating. Use our simple tips and, of course, listen to your intuition! In this case, you will succeed pretty quickly and with fewer efforts.

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Meet Casey, the author behind our dating site guides on Dating Tutor. She is a professional writer and content creator who has a unique writing style and makes complex topics clear for the reader.
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