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California is a very popular state to visit. But what about living and dating in the state? We decided to talk about it in the article and offer you the best cities and sites for dating.

Let’s start with the list of the most popular sites in California, because in online dating, choosing a reliable platform is one of the most critical points. 

Top dating sites in California

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4.9/5 stars (4908)
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5.0/5 stars (1108)
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4.9/5 stars (3258)
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4.7/5 stars (4401)
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3 reasons why these are the best dating sites in California 

All sites at the top meet the basic needs of a person who comes to a dating site:

  • All singles in one place. In order to find your soulmate, you can go halfway around the world, but is it necessary? Dating sites have been created for this, which allows you to find an ideal couple in any corner of the world, including California.
  • A wide range of features to find the perfect match. Intuitive design, various chats, filters, and unique features—all this helps singles find a partner quickly and easily.
  • Free registration and affordable prices. It is important to use reliable dating sites that have a profile verification system, as this will protect you from scammers. In addition, all sites have free registration and many features are available free of charge.

These are not all the advantages of the sites that we offer for dating in California. You can join one of them yourself, and see how easy and convenient it’s to use them.

The best 5 California cities for dating

  • Among all the cities in California, we can highlight the 5 most suitable for dating: Los Angeles ranks 37th in the list of the best cities for seeking a partner with 54.35% of satisfaction with dating . People come here to develop a career and find love. The atmosphere of LA is conducive to dating, there are a lot of cool places for romantic dates in the city: Griffith Park observatory, the Immersive Klimt Exhibition, candlelight concert at a Historic Venue, night ride on the Echo Park swan boats.
  • San Diego ranks #24 among the best dating cities, its dating satisfaction rate is 62.34. The nightclubs are bumping with world-class DJs, the craft cocktails are true works of art, and dance floors are filled with people. In addition, according to “Travel + Leisure” magazine, San Diego ranks #2 city for having the most attractive people in America.
  • Santa Monica. This city combines the tranquility of the sea and a lively atmosphere simultaneously. The city has an active nightlife, so making new acquaintances there is easy.
  • Berkeley is one of the best places to meet single people. It’s easy to find an educated person with a wide range of interests here. The city is home to the oldest campus of the the University of California at Berkeley, the Lawrence National Laboratory, and other institutes and laboratories. Berkeley is also home to the Graduate Theological Union and is considered one of the most tolerant cities in the country.
  • Oakland. The city is famous for its local art, diverse cuisine, and dynamic social life. It’s both a busy and calm city, and people here are open to communication.

Our selection doesn’t mean that other cities are not suitable for dating. We only noted those places where you have more chances to meet a partner.

California singles: Dating statistics

Total population in California39,237,836
Singles in California (never married, divorced, widowed)Women—55%
TOP 3 languages in CaliforniaSpanish—28.8%
Population in California by genderFemale persons—50%
Male persons—50%

Source: Census.gov

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California is great for dating, as the dating scene in the state is active and varied. It is generally more casual than traditional dating in other parts of the US. Many people meet online, which makes the process of dating really easy through popular California dating sites. Besides, the state also has a developed culture of acceptance and embracing diversity. So, there are many dating opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community. But, as people are more prone to casual relationships, finding singles who are seeking serious relationships here is harder.

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