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People talk a lot about international relationships, but all these conversations are usually about dating Slavic, Latin, or Asian people, especially women. But what about Romania? Is it easy to find a partner from this country online? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this post. There are not so many dating websites with Romanian members, but we’ve chosen the 5 best platforms with singles from this country and great features for you. 

Best Romanian Dating Sites 2022

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How to choose the right Romanian dating site?

Many people who want to meet Romanian singles cannot make their dream come true simply because they don’t know how to use the right service. Well, no worries, here are some tips on choosing the right dating site:

  • Read reviews and testimonials. In most cases, reviews and testimonials will help you understand right away if a certain site is even worth your attention. You will find all the details about profile quality, features, prices, and more in the reviews, so make sure to read at least a few.
  • Have a look at the site’s design. I guess it’s pretty clear that, unlike scam sites, legit services have professional and up-to-date designs, so avoid using websites with outdated designs.
  • Evaluate the features. If you feel that a certain website is safe to register, sign up and check out all the features yourself to see whether a particular service will satisfy all your needs.
  • Check out the payment methods. Legit dating platforms use only secure payment methods, therefore you shouldn’t register on the sites with questionable payment methods.

Finding a legit Romanian dating site is no doubt possible. So use our tips and find the site that will work the best for you.

Site comparison table

Free registrationYesYesYesYesYes
PriceFrom $9.99 for 20 credits to $149 for 750 creditsFrom $9.99 for 20 credits to $149 for 750 creditsFrom $9.99 for 20 credits to $149 for 750 creditsFrom $9.99 for 20 credits to $149 for 750 creditsFrom $9.99 for 20 credits to $149 for 750 credits
Bonus for new membersDiscount on first 20 credits—only $2.99  Discount on first 20 credits—only $2.99 Discount on first 20 credits—only $2.99 Discount on first 20 credits—only $2.99 Discount on first 20 credits—only $2.99 
Profile verificationVideo and documents verificationVideo and documents verificationVideo and documents verificationVideo and documents verificationVideo and documents verification
Types of messaging Chat, mailChat, mailChat, mailChat, mailChat, mail
Video chatVideo streams onlyVideo streams onlyVideo streams onlyVideo streams onlyVideo streams only
Matchmaking Filters46434
Number of users213.7K379.3K139K179K1.1M

All these websites are pretty good options for both beginners and experienced online daters, so do not hesitate and try them all—registration is completely free on all platforms.

Which Romanian dating site is completely free? 

It’s difficult to find a completely free niche website with many members from this very country, let alone a website where Romanian members would be looking for foreign matches. However, it also doesn’t mean that if you choose one of such sites, in particular, one of the sites from our ranking, you’ll have to pay. These are the mixed platforms that provide both free and paid services. Joining the site is always free of charge, and so are a lot of other features. Of course, the sets of free services and tools vary from platform to platform, but usually, members can view photos, send winks and greeting messages, watch streams, have public chats, and more. Also, new users always get discounts, bonuses, free credits, chat vouchers, etc.

What dating is like in Romania?

  • Percent of single men/women: 88% men and 75.3% women of 20-24 years remain single, and the number drops by 15% for men of 25-29, and only by 2% for women
  • The success rate of relationships: 28% international relationships with a Romanian partner last over 6 months
  • The number of English-speakers: 31%

Usage of online dating has increased by 30% since 2021 and the dominant age group of users of Romanian dating sites and apps is 25 to 34 years old. Also, there are less Romanian women than men on dating apps.

As you can see from the statistics, online dating is quite popular in Romania, and many Romanian singles choose dating platforms as their dominant dating way. In my opinion, the reason for it is quite on the surface—convenience, ease, and less time needed to find matches.

It’s easier to meet Romanian women or men online, considering the popularity of online dating sites now, than to seek a partner on the streets of Romania. I gathered some more reasons why it’s smarter to go the online dating route than the offline one:

  • Many Romanian girls don’t see men who try to take their number seriously.
  • As a foreigner, you can spend less time and money traveling and searching for a couple on the street.
  • After the pandemic, dating apps are very popular in Romania, so you have a wide choice of people who share your dating goals.
  • Advanced search that most Romanian dating sites offer is a convenient way to get a match to your preferences.

Overall, online dating definitely works in Romania, and from my experience is the fastest and the most comfortable way to find someone special as a foreigner.