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If you are interested in dating in Florida, you found the right page. Thanks to the efforts of our experts, you get in one guide the top dating sites in FL, the best cities for dating in particular, and not boring statistics about singles. 

We start our review with the best dating sites in Florida.

Top dating sites in Florida

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5 reasons there are the best Florida dating sites

These dating sites made our list for a reason:

  • Singles from all over the state of Florida and beyond. Of course, it’s cool to travel and be able to go to any popular city, but it doesn’t always work out. In such cases, online dating is the easiest way to find a partner.
  • The best matchmaking algorithm. There are enough filters on the sites to choose the ideal partner for you. It’s clear that a machine cannot know everything about choosing the best partner for a human being, but it will save your time anyway.
  • Free registration and trials. Only a few minutes and you’ll be surfing site looking for a perfect couple.
  • Modern features, including video chat, streaming, and the ability to make gifts.
  • Affordable prices. In order to find a couple, you don’t need to spend large sums, just buy the best loan package for your needs and start chatting.

This list can go on and on because each dating site has its own interesting features and profitable offers. But let’s start talking about the best cities in FL where you can meet a couple offline.

Top dating cities in Florida

You can meet your partner in any city in FL, but we want to highlight the top 5 dating cities in the state.

  • Orlando. Ranked as the 21st best dating city in the entire US. At the same time, satisfaction with dating is one of the highest—87%. The list was determined by different key list factors, such as economics and dating and romance opportunities.
  • Miami. The city is in 14th place among US cities regarding the number of lonely people. Miami’s residents prefer not to pay attention to stress and be open to vivid impressions. Dating a person from Miami means getting a free coaching session on the right attitude towards life.
  • Tampa. The city ranks 21st in the US regarding the number of single people. There are a lot of places for dates in the city: beautiful parks, restaurants with a beautiful view and cinemas. Residents of the city are very active on dating sites.
  • Jacksonville. Included in the 12 largest cities in the United States. Business life is actively developed here. There are many chances to meet interesting people there, as Jacksonville’s citizens enjoy meeting new people, are very hospitable, and know how to make relationships unforgettable.
  • Pensacola. The relaxed atmosphere of the city is very conducive to dating here. Pensacola is a city of history and beautiful nature. In addition, the city ranks 5th among Florida cities as the best place to live.

You can meet people from these cities in two ways: online and offline. Online dating gives more choice, on the sites you will find many profiles of people from all cities of FL.

Florida singles: Dating statistics

Total population in Florida 21,781,128
Singles in Florida (never married, divorced, widowed)Women—56%
TOP 3 languages in Florida Spanish—20.9%
Population in Florida by genderFemale persons—50.8%
Male persons—49.2%

Source: Census.gov


Overall, Florida is a great place to consider for dating, as the state has a warm, relaxed atmosphere, as well as people with a wide variety of interests and activities. Also, many have a strong focus on family values. Apart from that, Florida singles tend to have a more stress-free attitude toward relationships, which helps people build open and honest unions. And the good thing for all guys in the state is that the gender ratio is in their favor! So, don’t hesitate and join a Florida dating website to start your love story.

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