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Today, everyone has the opportunity to start dating anywhere in the world. Many sites offer their services to singles who are in need of a new relationsihip and who are ready to start right away. But which sites actually deserve attention? And what are the alternative ways of dating? We will answer these questions in the article.

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How to get a girlfriend online: the strategy and the best apps

To be successful in online dating, you just have to follow simple steps.

  1. Choose dating sites. You must register on a specialized dating site to meet a girlfriend or even a bride online. We recommend choosing a site based on the country or region; for example, if you are into dating Asian ladies, you can look through sites with Asian singles. Below we list sites with a good reputation that offer to connect men to singles from different parts of the world. Read the detailed descriptions our specialists provided and make your choice based on your needs.
  2. Decide on filters for girls. We recommend choosing 3-4 most important points. It will help you keep focus, but you will also get a wide selection.
  3. Be active. Write messages, try to express that you are interested in a girl (well, if you are), try to listen to what she’s talking about, as you may find out something important. Use conversation starters that you can find on the web, and forget about those awkward moments we all experienced during the first conversations with new people.
  4. Be attentive to you and your feelings. If she’s interested? Are you in the friend zone? Is she’s comfortable near you or talking to you? Body language will help you understand if a girl falls in love with you. Do you feel sexual tension? Do you want to go with her to the coffee shop? How about the second date—do you want it? You may not meet your destiny on the first day, but this strategy will help you move forward on your first date.

Now you know how to act effectively. But where to create the dating profile? We have collected the best places where you can find the right person.


jollyromance site
Number of visitors per month143,000
Reply rate80%
The site is food foorMen who want to meet Slavic girl
Men who are interested in flirt
People who are looking for serious relationships
Mobile appNo
💻 Sitejollyromance.com

If you’d like to meet women from Slavic countries, you must pay attention to JollyRomance. It is a site where you can make a few dates young girls from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and other countries of Eastern Europe.

Features. The site provides the main communication features: instant messaging and letter exchange. You can send stickers and photos when using both communication services. You can also share videos with your girlfriend. The site features are easy to use and work flawlessly.

Prices. The site offers 5 packages. The most affordable one is $2.99 for 20 credits (first payment), and the most expensive is $149.99 for 750 credits.


easternhoneys site
Number of visitors per month253,000
Reply rate85%
The site is food foorMen who prefer Asian women
People who are looking for an interactive dating site
Men who didn’t decide about their dating goal 
Mobile appNo
💻 Siteeasternhoneys.com

EasternHoneys is a top-rated platform for those who want to create a healthy relationship with Asian girl. The primary audience of the site consists of young girls wishing to flirt and create relationships with foreigners.

Features. The site is very easy to use. It allows you to communicate with a girl in many ways: chat, mails, and video sharing. The site also allows you to buy the girl’s personal contacts whenever you see fit. 

Prices. The cheapest credit package on the site is $2.99 for 20 credits (first payment, later it will cost you $9.99). You can spend this package at any time and on any features.   


bravodate site
Number of visitors per month626,000
Reply rate75%
The site is food foorMen who are looking for a woman in Eastern Europe
People who prefer talks with chat and emails
Men who are interested in flirt
Mobile appNo
💻 Sitebravodate.com

BravoDate is a quality dating platform that allows you to meet more girls from Eastern Europe. The main contingent is girls aged 21-35 with well-filled profiles.

Features. In addition to the main communication ways, the site offers many additional features:

  • Organizing a date
  • Buying personal contacts
  • Sending gifts
  • Video streams with girls (with the ability to write in a group chat)
  • A newsfeed with additional photos and texts from girls

Prices. The site offers 5 packages with credits that are available to everyone. For example, the cheapest rate on the site is $2.99 per 20 credits. You can spend them at any time.


lovefort site
Number of visitors per month109,000
Reply rate80%
The site is food foorPeople who are looking for a partner in Latin America
Men who are interested in sites with good price
People who don’t want to spend a lot of time online dating
Mobile appNo
💻 Sitelovefort.com

LoveFort is an excellent platform for men interested in dating girls from Latin America. A big plus of this area is that there are a lot of girls online, and they are open to communication.

Features. The site offers many features that allow you to create an acquaintance in a convenient mode and develop it. You can use chat if you like quick messages or send long mails. The platform also offers a gift-sending service.

Prices. You pay for the site’s services using the virtual currency “credits.” The cost of those services starts at $2.99 ​​for 20 credits. The plan with the biggest number of credits costs $149.99 for 750 credits.


la-date site
Number of visitors per month432,000
Reply rate80%
The site is food foorMen who prefer Latin girls
People who are interested in casual dating
Men who are looking for serious relationships
Mobile appNo
💻 Sitela-date.com

La-Date is another quality platform for those who want to build a relationship with a girl from Latin America. The site has a friendly interface and a large set of features.

Features. La-Date offers two options for finding girls: the standard search and the People game. You can attract the attention of girls with likes and winks. Using the built-in chat and email service, you can write messages to a girl. You can also use additional features: sending gifts, arranging a date, and buying a girl’s contact information.

Prices. The site offers 5 packages. The first purchase is offered for a special rate—$2.99 ​​for 20 credits. In the future, you can buy 20 credits for $9.99. The most expensive package costs $149.99 for 750 credits.

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Where to meet girls: More tips to sum up

You can try various ways to meet singles and start a relationship of any kind. Check out this shortlist of ways to look for a partner:

  1. Social networks. In this case, we recommend using interest groups. Then you can get to know the girl better and start a conversation with her easily.
  2. Dating sites. For those who want to find a partner quickly. At the same time, you need to choose platforms with an engaging audience for you and good functionality.
  3. Meetups. All kinds of offline meetings on various topics, where people easily make acquaintances.
  4. Bars and restaurants. A little old-fashioned, but still a classic. Treating a girl with a glass of champagne is always a pleasant occasion for conversation.

So, you can either try a dating platform and dive into the search right away or can make a research and find some places to visit if your country, and meet someone special IRL. It’s up to you and your mood for today! We can only wish you to find what you are looking for.


How can I find a girlfriend easily?

A successful search has two components: the correct sites and the right strategy. Choose sites whose functionality you like and be active. It’s simple—the more actions and acquaintances you make, the faster you will meet a girl.

Can I get a girlfriend online?

Of course, you can. Now there are many opportunities for this. Millions of people come to sites to find their love. You can find many success stories on the Internet. You will succeed too.

Can I get a girlfriend if I have no friends?

Yes. In this case, dating sites are your best friends and helpers. People come there with a specific goal: to get to know each other, to find a couple. You don’t need support of friends to find a girl on a website. You will get all the support on the site.

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