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Best German Dating Sites

Below is a list of those dating sites, where you can meet many German women interested in long-distance relationships and international dating.

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SofiaDate rate

SofiaDate is an excellent dating site that offers an intuitive interface, a great selection of detailed profiles, and, of course, many German ladies to talk with. It stands out among other platforms thanks to its unique features, such as meeting requests, which prove it is a website with real girls, not scammers or fake accounts.

How to choose the right German dating site?

You will quickly realize that there are numerous websites to choose from when you first begin your journey into online dating sites in Germany. They all have distinct membership and premium feature rates and offer various services. So, how do you pick the best German dating site? You can make the best decision with our recommendations:

  • Determine your dating goals. If you know what to look for, it will be easier to discover a suitable partner. Keep in mind that different dating websites are specified for various types of connections, such as long-term relationships or casual dating. So pick the German dating app specifically according to your objectives.
  • Explore features available for the price. There is a premium membership available for many free dating apps. Even though you can get by with features that are free, some apps make powerful tools available through payment. Check out which sites have the best premium features if you’re willing to pay for a subscription.
  • Monitor the customers’ feedback. If you plan to use an online dating site that you didn’t use before, it is advisable to read website reviews to see how well the platform meets user expectations.
  • Check the security features. Last but not least, you should check the safety and security of the dating service you plan to use. Make sure that a verification procedure is in place for new profiles. Spend some time researching the website to learn what they do to protect users and how they handle safety complaints.

When choosing the largest international dating app in Germany, you should take these things into account. But remember that you aren’t locked into one option—check the following table to discover a couple of trustworthy German dating websites.

Free registrationYesYesYesYesYes
PriceFrom $15.99 for 2 credits to $399 for 100 creditsFrom $9.99 for 20 credits to $149 for 750 credits$2.99 for 2000 creditsFrom $9.99 for 20 credits to $149 for 750 creditsFrom $9.99 for 20 credits to $149 for 750 credits
Bonus for new membersBonus 2 credits for new membersDiscount on first 20 credits—only $2.99  Bonus 2000 credits for new membersDiscount on first 20 credits—only $2.99 Discount on first 20 credits—only $2.99 
Profile verificationVideo and documents verificationVideo and documents verificationEmail verificationVideo and documents verificationVideo and documents verification
Types of messaging Chat, mailChat, mailChat, mailChat, mailChat, mail
Video chatYesVideo streams onlyVideo streams onlyVideo streams onlyVideo streams only
Matchmaking Filters23233
Number of users43.3K213.7K597.5K517.7K179K

Overall, each of the suggested paid and free dating sites in Germany is worth trying. It’s a good idea to sign up for a free trial of several German dating services first. That will assist you in selecting the most dependable service and save you a significant amount of money.

Are German Dating Sites Legit?

You can be sure that all the German dating sites are legal and that the majority of users there are real. We reviewed the terms of use and privacy policies of all the platforms and checked the payment options available. We can conclude that we didn’t find any issues related to the legacy. So don’t hesitate to visit the best German dating sites from our list, and you will get an enjoyable and secure experience.

Niche German dating apps vs. mainstream dating apps

Do you like being among German singles, or would you rather have more options? If you can’t decide between mainstream dating platforms and niche German online dating services, these comparison tables will help you make the right choice.

Niche German online dating sites and apps:

  • Give you a chance to meet others who share your interests
  • There are many verified users and a small number of fake profiles
  • Your fear of being rejected may decrease as you meet others who share your goals
  • The services have small user bases compared to popular apps
  • Due to the lack of detail in some websites’ profiles, it is difficult to learn anything about a user

Mainstream dating services and apps in Germany:

  • Ability to customize preferences according to your needs
  • A lot of partners to choose from
  • The capacity to date multiple local partners at the same time
  • Only locals are allowed in the search
  • You may deal with numerous inappropriate matches due to the large users base

Does Online Dating in Germany Work?

Due to social distancing limitations during the Covid-19 pandemic, online dating replaced regular dating in Germany. As a result, online dating services are thriving. Here are some numbers that prove German online dating works:

  • Over 7 million Germans use online dating sites. For a country with a population of over 83 million, that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s still a respectable percentage.
  • One in five single Germans seeks partners online. Although around a third of all couples meet through common acquaintances, online dating is now the second most common way for Germans to find dates.
  • Only 19% of online daters in Germany look for serious relationships. At the same time, nearly every other German (48%) looks for casual dating and fun through online dating apps.
  • Over 60% of German online daters are aged 25 to 44. Gen Z and Baby Boomer generation representatives are less common on online dating platforms, though still present in small numbers.
  • Germans like local and international dating sites and apps. The top platforms include Tinder, Badoo, Finya, and others.

As you see, online dating is gaining popularity in Germany, so you should have no trouble finding a suitable partner.

Top Tips for Safe Online Dating

In 2022, the romance scam losses hit $1.4 billion, with a median loss of $4,400. To stay safe and avoid scammers, beware if the person you’re flirting with does the following:

  • Lures you to a free dating site or messenger app. The link may introduce malware or bring you to a fake site that’ll steal your data. Besides, free dating sites don’t employ security measures, so the risks will increase.
  • Requests money or help. Whether it’s a story of a hospital stay, legal troubles, or an offer to teach you to invest, sending money to someone you’ve never met is always a bad idea.
  • Offers to marry you soon after meeting. Serious relationships take time to develop, so anyone professing love after a few days is most likely a scammer or a gold digger.
  • Asks for intimate photos or sensitive information. Sharing either with the wrong person can lead to blackmail or identity theft.

Using the best dating sites with a solid online presence and thorough user verification procedures can protect you from most risks. However, you should always use common sense and avoid suspicious users.

What Is Dating Like in Germany?

German dating culture is significantly different from American dating. To avoid misunderstandings, keep in mind the following:

  • Germans don’t talk to strangers. Going up to a person you like in a bar or a cafe isn’t likely to produce a phone number or a date. You’ll have more luck getting to know potential dates through mutual acquaintances.
  • Dates are much less formal and intimate than in the US. In the early stages of a relationship, going to a party together or attending social events is more likely than having a candlelit dinner.
  • Serious relationships take time to mature. Although formal acknowledgment of a relationship isn’t always necessary, most Germans don’t rush into things and prefer taking things slow.
  • Germans are pretty picky when it comes to partners. Local guys and girls know their worth and tend to have high standards (bordering on unrealistic) when it comes to finding someone to date.

Although getting a date in Germany can be challenging, dating Germans is an adventure you’ll enjoy.

Get Rid of Stereotypes: We Dispel Myths about the Germans

For many, Germany is associated with good cars, beer, and sausage. However, there’s more to Germans than stereotypes, such as:

infoGermans are cold and calculated.

That’s a myth. While locals rarely talk to strangers, they are fun-loving, adventurous, and open-minded when you get to know them a little better. And their punctuality and precision are valuable traits in a long-term relationship.

infoGermans are rude.

That’s a myth. Instead, they are very open about their opinions to the point of being blunt. And they can stare a lot when something or someone catches their eye, but that’s a sign of curiosity rather than rudeness.

infoThey have no sense of humor.

That’s a myth. Although some jokes don’t translate well, most Germans are genuinely open and humorous people willing to laugh at themselves.

Of course, everyone is different, and some Germans can embody these stereotypes, but you’ll find most people delightfully honest, funny, and welcoming.

Which German dating site is completely free?

We understand that many people aren’t ready to pay for the ability to find a girlfriend, which is why most of them are interested in free German dating sites. Unfortunately, in the online dating world, there is no such thing as a free site because you either pay for a membership or lose your money to dating scammers. At the same time, all the legit premium German dating sites we talked about in this article offer many free features, including signup, profile browsing, likes, and many more. So if you want to save your money, it’s better to use a premium service with limited functionality for free than trying to find a completely free dating website.

WATCH! Dating in Germany


For some reason, German women and men aren’t too popular among American singles. But they are beautiful, intelligent, and goal-oriented, making German girls and boys exciting dating and life partners. And their practical nature lures them to German dating sites, where you can meet and get to know your perfect match before crossing the ocean for your first IRL meeting.

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