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Texas is a great place to find new acquaintances and therefore to find singles, because the people here are very friendly and open to communication. But where to look for a partner? In this article, we talk about the best dating platforms in TX, popular cities for dating, and provide interesting single statistics.

We start with the best dating sites in Texas.

Top dating sites in Texas

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How we chose the best dating sites for our top?

We studied all sites for online dating in Texas and made the top selection regarding:

  • Features. The sites on this list did their best to help you find the perfect match quickly and easily.
  • Prices. Unfortunately, free apps and dating sites are not always reliable, but you can always choose proven paid sites from our top, that have a lot of free features and good prices for premium offers.
  • Interface. A clear interface and responsive design is what a quality modern dating site needs, so this point was an important criterion for compiling the list.
  • Reviews. Another important point in creating the top of the best dating sites in Texas.

In addition, the sites have many other advantages, the main of which is a wide selection of singles in one place.

Top dating cities in Texas

We have analyzed various information on the cities of Texas and have identified the top 5 best cities for dating for you.

  1. Galveston. In this city, you will always find something to do. It’s perfect for people who love nature and modern art. In addition, Galveston has one of the most significant numbers of single people.
  2. Kerrville. Another city with the most number of single people in the state of TX. Known for its music festival, after all, music isn’t only a way to have a great time: it’s also the possibility to get to know someone.
  3. Bedford. A relatively large city with a measured lifestyle, so it’s easy to find a mate here. Bedford was ranked one of the “Best Places to Live 2017” by Money magazine, thanks to its roomy houses, low unemployment rates, and manicured lawns. There are many places for dates in the city: restaurants, parks, coffee shops. Professionals from all over the state come here to live, which means there are a lot of singles.
  4. Benbrook. A suburb that is also one of the most interested in online dating according to Google trends, as well as a city with many single people. Bedford is a laid back place with plenty of cozy first date restaurants. This is one of the best places to live in the state.
  5. Austin. The state capital obviously attracts many single people with its good economy, active social, and nightlife, so it’s a good place for dating.

Now you know which cities in Texas are best for dating. Fortunately, modern dating sites make it possible to find a person from any city in just a few minutes.

Texas singles: Dating statistics

Total population in Texas29,527,941
Singles in Texas (never married, divorced, widowed)Women—52%
TOP 3 languages in TexasSpanish—29.5%
Population in Texas by genderFemale persons—50.1%
Male persons—49.9%

Source: Census.gov

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Dating someone from Texas is surely worth it simply because of the state’s friendly and welcoming culture. Many singles search for love online, so finding a girlfriend or boyfriend on a Texas dating site is not a problem. Also, Texas is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the country, so Galveston, Austin, and Bedford are definitely worth checking out. You’ll never run out of hot dating spots and places to explore. Besides, Texans have a reputation for being hospitable and sincere. So, dating someone from this state might be the great experience you always wanted.

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